Howdy Hoblisters!

Upvoting, downvoting, whatever…

Be honest now, what is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word voting? Middle-aged man or woman wearing traditional clothes in front of a bright background? Or hundreds of inviting faces with broad, humble smiles?

I know, I defied a basic rule of blog writing by starting an article with a question, and followed it up with another, to make matters worse.

However, important matters call for drastic measures and common sense.

According to linguistic research conducted over the years, now we know that we memorize words with pictures those words most frequently associate with. And thus, the honest faces with "voting."

So, salvaging the movie industry by promoting up/down voting from fans in place of of unreasonable ratings from movie critics is our mission, and, of course, redefining the word voting.

Now that we covered the ground, let's look at why when it comes to movies, rating and ranking sucks. Rating is rarely quantifiable. Yes, you can get a number like 3.3 or 4.7 by dividing the aggregate of points by the number of people who rated. That’s how even some unheard, shameless pieces with only two viewers for the whole two years get absolute 9.0 ratings. Can we expect anything more from the director’s immediate family members? Sounds like a dodgy deal from craigslist, right?

And to make the matters worse, people naively believe that any movie over 7 on IMDB are worth watching. But all too often we confront this fallacy head on and feels stupid.

Here is another dynamic.

Actually, downvoting gets more interesting here. Think about the scenario here. A cheap, absolute disaster piece of a movie that deserves to be banned or if possible unmade is online. People give ratings, various ratings that earned it a below-par average score, a plus number nonetheless. However, if people unanimously downvoted it, without complicating the matter, with only a few sick upvotes every here and there, those who join later can get a clear picture of the quality of the movie. 253 downvotes vs 15 upvotes provide a helpful little insight where bolstered ratings would only leave the viewer in ignorance.

This is why we want you to put your brave face forward, watch movies take courage and if you didn't like it, press that downvote without fear.

Wo/Man up and own your actions!