True story!

Remember the time when the number of movies you had ever watched was so small that you could even make a spontaneous list. Fast forward to now, suddenly we all are facing an existential crisis (this happened after binge watching went mainstream because of the internet) when it comes to movies.

Existential crisis!

You have watched pretty much all the known movies on IMDB lists. All the known "best movies" and "best Hollywood movies". Yes, some of you who are more specific, even found those "lesser known good movies" lists.

Ask from any downtrodden and disappointed movie buff, and they would agree with a sigh:

"Ah, the good old days when you could just look up a list and watch something nice."

The paradox of selecting movies

The film industry is making more movies than you can ever watch during a lifetime. Then, why is this difficulty in selecting a good enough movie to watch? Where is the problem? Does the problem lie in the way we use the internet to find movies? Or is it that good movies are right in front of our eyes, but we are reluctant to watch them because we are worried they will turn out to be the same as the last time?

Last time is when you eagerly read some of the movie reviews by film pundits, checked the awesomeness rating and happily settled on the couch with your microwaved popcorn only to realise that in terms of entertainment value, it is a movie version of a Russian novel.

We all have been through this struggle, friends. Hoblist was created as a solution. Keep the pedantic movie critics out in the cold, and accept the warm opinions of the movie fans about movies they have watched. Don't let the history to repeat itself. Movie critics have been popping up during the last few decades at the rate of movie production itself.

Some of the more callous ones outright disgrace uplifting movies, calling them as cliché kid movies.

Hoblist wants to make a stand. The true democracy doesn't work when the fan opinion is downtrodden, and minority experts claim their authority.

Let the voice of the movie fans be heard!

Seriously, we all have known how frustrating it is to start watching a movie based on the opinion of either a friend or a high IMDB ranking or a movie critic and find it absolutely disappointing. Regardless of where the recommendation is coming from, most of the time movie preferences and individual biases always go hand in hand. Only rarely we find objective criticisms.

That's why the collective opinion is essential!

Yes, one person's opinion can be misleading. Two or three may have error judgement. But the upvotes of hundreds of people can't go wrong, and downvote of as many will not lie.

Hoblist will allow you to make informed decisions about movies based on what those who watched them before you say.

No more time wasted on movies that don't entertain you. No more not watching- movies, because of movie critics' negative rants. No more scrolling  down the movie lists to the infinity, then get bored and go to bed not watching anything and feeling empty the whole weekend.

Join the tribe of upvoters and downvoters with Hoblist and make the fan-voice great again.

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