Note: We want you to create lists.

Only lists: Favourite movie lists, a least liked movies list, (XYZ) Khan movies lists, any list. This whole blog post is about that. However, in what follows,

We also "philosophically" tackle why list-making is so essential.

Line up in order, my friends! Hear out my heart-rending confession.

"I can't apologize enough for overlooking my commitment towards you. Being
on this journey together, as "brothers in arms", I should have informed you.
Where is the trust? I brutally failed you. Can you? Can you forgive me?"

"Please!!! "

Just being overly dramatic like a distraught lover in an old Bollywood hit! (No,
it is not a translated transcription from a 90's Bollywood movie.) Only feeling a
little guilty of not giving you heads up to buy a thick notebook to keep notes
about all the cutting-edge features on Hoblist, like our new list-making option.

"Why", you ask, "We are happily voting movies these days," you say.

To make our haunt more impressive, of course. (as if it is not impressive
enough, as it is!)

Sometimes we look at the site metrics, and we can't help but be proud of you all.
Upvoting, downvoting- you Hoblisters are great. Some of you work harder than
Mani Rathnam himself to take the movies to ordinary people, to rescue the
industry from philistines who reject art.

Yes! You do it, by frequently upvoting some movies out of oblivion, and
burying some in dark digital pits with downvotes. However, dear Hoblisters,
this is only a beginning. We want to weaponize you with every tool possible to
make your wanderings in the territory of movie appreciation more interesting.
That's why we included the brand-new list-making option into the mix.

Why we make lists

Have you ever had a DVD collection? (for the record, at some point in the
history, some beastly looking gadgets called VHS tapes were the designated
memory keepers of movies) And If you were proud of this collection, you
undoubtedly had tried to organize them, whenever the inspiration hit you.

Apart from the self-satisfaction of seeing them arranged in alphabetical order or
according to the production year, what are the other benefits?

I can almost hear you saying, "To keep track of MY PRECIOUS." Now, that is
correct too. Everyone got their reasons to organize things. But think big,
Hoblisters. If you had them organized, among 287 DVDs on your shelf, to find
an Amir Khan movie would take only 15 seconds, or even less. Now, apply the
same logic to understand the advantages behind making online movie lists. And
you will realize a well thought out list can benefit many.

Usually, there are several answers to any highly philosophic question. And
likewise, the benefits of list-making are multiple. "Sensible organization" is one
of them. But there is another. Since this is a broad topic, I have to refer to
general human conditions a bit, if you don't mind.

You see, being emotionally driven creatures, our moods change depending on
the circumstances we are in. Anyway, I heard recently that the scientists are
still figuring our why our moods swing. I am not talking about a chronic

condition. I am speaking in general terms. There are moments when people
desperately want to see movies based around mountain ranges, jungles or
villages. Some like to see sci-fi movies, made in the 2000s. Some are looking
for inspirational movies, or stories based in medieval England.

I am not sure what determines these unexplainable cravings to watch a certain
kind of movie. But it happens so. Let's leave neuroscientists and psychologists
to solve that mystery. What we can do in the meantime is to start creating lists.
Then, when somebody desperately needs a dose of inspiration, and decide to
binge watch inspirational movies, they can find the list waiting for them. With
Hoblisters creating lists, days of strenuous research to find movies belonging to
a certain category is over.

So, this is the main reason why you need to create lists.

I already showed you how by creating a favourite-movie list, you could make
this world a beautiful place. A place where movie buffs can save the time they
spend on surfing the internet, looking for similar movies. Now, hurry up, make
those favourite lists, leave your legacy on the web. Let your gift to humanity
stay shining on Hoblist.

Won't that something to be proud of!