Leaving aside the odd name of its owner, ever thought why Facebook became so popular?


Facebook shares the same formula that drives people to use Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn. The need to stay connected and know what others are up to.

It is a basic human craving. Isn't it?

Being social animals, we lived as tribes for such a long time, then we built cities, but continued living together. However, now, in an age when we are accused of living apart and living inside a digital vacuum, here we are building online communities again.

Hoblist is an online community FOR MOVIE BUFFS, OF ALL AGES. It keeps in check one of the most fundamental of the human needs in the 21st century.


Where is the fun if you don't have a good old movie to watch on a sleepy afternoon?

When you create an account on Hoblist, you can follow your friends, your family members living far and wide, or anybody really. You can know the movies they watch, find whether they are on a hunt for movies of a particular type or a genre, or they are after movies from the same director.

Why knowing these matters?


Why knowing anything about anyone matters?

But we are still keen to know, right! Here are some hypothetical scenarios that are not likely to happen, but you would still enjoy thinking.

Think about your mate who is continuously downvoting inspirational movies on Hoblist- is he lacking in inspiration and is this the time you should intervene and get a coffee with the guy?

Think about your younger brother who is watching movies about scams/heists and all the Robinhood type movies, you know the type where the good guy helps the downtrodden- could this be the time to have a friendly family chat, offer him, perhaps, some banknotes.

Think about somebody who is watching romance day in and day out- should you congratulate them or just avoid the topic altogether.

And finally,

Think about the person you love. Do they continuously watch movies that make you question their morals, and have you doubt whether they are mentally sound-do you want to live for the rest of your life with a spouse who is a borderline psychopath?

(These are some extreme scenarios, which are highly unlikely, please don't judge people from their movie preference)

But, also don't forget that we are living in an age where people shift their dating preferences based on organic products in one's shopping cart.

Hoblist sincerely hopes the movie patterns will help you to make informed dating decisions, strengthen your relationships with family members, pull your siblings out of tight spots and finally the most importantly help you to pick right movies to watch, that suits your mood.

Create an account today! Get your friends to create accounts today and be Hoblists!!

Fans, MAARCH!!!